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Mirjam Orasch

(Founder and owner)

For our founder and owner Mirjam Orasch, her English-language pre-school in Klagenfurt is a matter of the heart. The motivation for the project came from her own children: Mirjam is a mother of four and has encountered many pre-schools and childcare concepts over the years. However, she never felt that they were quite right for her kids. Mirjam Orasch and her team want the Dragonfly English Kindergarten to be an oasis for children aged 3-6, where they are encouraged and lovingly looked after in a stimulating environment.

Portrait Sonja Winkler

Sonja Winkler

(Kindergarten principle)

Sonja Winkler has been working for many years in the field of early childhood education in English. It is very important for her, that the children have a rich variety of experience to develop their skills and personality. With lots of songs, poems, theater, roleplay, books, and the dialog with the native speaker, the children learn English in a playful way. Mrs. Winkler especially encourages the children to promote their “21st Century Skills” so that they can fly out with strong “dragonwings” in their future.

Portrait Elina Larinto

Elina Larinto

(Kindergarten teacher)

Elina Larinto is a Waldorf pedagog from Finland. She loves to work with children, especially to see them grow, learning and exploring their world. She gives a positive, safe, and memorable time to the children by using play-based learning and “learning by doing”.

Portrait Tanya Nazer

Tanya Nazer

(Kindergarten teacher)

Tanya Nazer is born in England and lives since 2004 in Carinthia. She has over 10 years’ experience in raising children and development support in the early childhood years. She also raised up her own two children as a single mother. With her natural positive energy and her experience, she understands to teach our Children her mother tongue in an easy and playful way.

In her private time se love to ski, to swim and to draw.

Her motto in life:

„Happiness is happy, healthy children „and “a smile is worth a thousand words”

Portrait Adriana Paltinean

Adriana Paltinean

(House and kitchen fairy)

Adriana Paltinean is our kitchen and house fairy. She keeps everything very clean in the whole kindergarten and prepares our healthy snacks with lots of love. She also supports the team of Domäne Lilienberg cooking the homemade lunch every day for our Dragonfly children.


Our Dragonfly team

Our team consists of native speakers and English-speaking staff. It is a well-functioning team, with all members being passionate about what they do. 

They love playing with the kids, organising experiments, and, most of all, helping them gather many different experiences. Their goal is to teach the kids English in a playful way, and their daily reward and motivation are the shining eyes of the children and the happy and satisfied parents!