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Mirjam Orasch, a mother of four, set herself the goal of opening an extraordinary pre-school where the development of each child is encouraged with diffrent approach. The pre-school has extensive offer incorporating music, experimenting and exploring, learning about different careers, and a range of exercise and sports programmes. We foster the talents of our Dragonfly children and encourage them to develop their full potential, stimulating their natural curiosity in many different subjects through targeted projects. 

Mirjam Orasch also wants to help working parents by offering extended opening hours in a warm and welcoming childcare environment. Even if things take a little longer than expected. Dragonfly ist here to help.


of childcare packages

In our Dragonfly English Kindergarten there are 3 groups consisting of max. 25 children, each are looked after by a professional team of native speakers and English-speaking staff.
Depending on the chosen package, the children receive a healthy snack up to three times a day as well as a freshly prepared lunch with less meat and using regional organic produce. Meals are lovingly prepared from scratch on a daily basis, eliminating the need for parents to pack a snack.

*“Kärntner Kinderstipendium“ could be requested by the parents. Please ask the kindergarten principal for further information.

In the early morning,
our Dragenfly children

are playing together in the morning group, before being taken to their individal day-care groups. The monthly kindergarten fee includes meals and snacks. The “Kärntner Kinderstipendium” will be subtracted from the total.

When is

my registration valid?

Your registration is valid once we have received your completed and signed registration form, the registration fee has been paid into our account and we have issued a written confirmation.
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